"Theme: Remember the ecology of place as we Plant America."

    Welcome to another year with the Naperville Garden Club. I hope you enjoyed the Summer and the various garden walks in the area. This year, my garden has been most distracting. I had the pleasure of watching a pair of robins nest and fledge two broods of babies. The hummingbird has been coming around and sipping the nectar on my Liatris. I’ve been trying to pay more attention to the variety of pollinators visiting my garden. The butterflies are definitely the most colorful, but the different bees and beetles seem to be more productive and easier to observe for longer periods of time. What observations have you made?

     Are you ready for another year? Are you open to new opportunities? Come and join us. We have a line up of wonderful programs and our annual fundraiser, Cup of Cheer ™.  

     GCI (Garden Clubs of Illinois) schools have their Fall schedule set up. Dates are listed on our calendar of events as well as on the GCI website. Embrace the joys of learning and sharing with us. 

JoAnn Monge, President

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